If you've noticed signs of mold in your home or office, call Onpoint Property Restoration LLC right away. Our crew will come to your property ASAP to start the mold remediation process. We use industry-leading technology to detect mold in your home. We'll perform air quality tests, too.

Don't let mold turn your home into a hazard- call Onpoint Property Restoration now to schedule your mold remediation service in Washington Township, Lapeer, Pontiac & Troy, MI & surrounding areas.

What are the dangers of mold?

We all know mold is gross, but did you know it also poses a number of health risks? There are many side effects of mold exposure, including:

Nasal congestion
Throat irritation
Coughing or wheezing
Eye irritation
Skin irritation

If you have mold allergies or a compromised immune system, the health risks are even greater. It's important to remove mold from your home or workplace ASAP. Call us today to schedule mold removal services in Washington Township, Lapeer, Rochester Hills, Pontiac & Troy, MI & surrounding areas.